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R&P Company


R&P company manufactures Laundry Detergent, Detergent Cake, Detergent Powder / Dish Scouring bar and Toilet Soap / Laundry Soap / Hand Wash / Liquid Detergent / Multipurpose Soap and Mesmerize Liquid Soap also have their own Sulfonation plant. The company intends to go in for the manufacture of toilet soaps. As Mr. Prakash Chandra Yadav puts it, "Ambitious plans are on the anvil inspite of stiff competition from all types of manufacturers, big and small." Products To cater to the high demanding market we have worked towards producing a number chemicals for cleaning. The chemicals are specially formulated to give the most effective results. Following are the products: Detergent Powder Toilet Soap Detergent Cake Laundry Soap Multi Purpose Soap Dish Scouring Bar Ramas Detergent Cake Mesmerize Liquid Soap Liquid Hand Wash Liquid Detergent Dish wash Paste Beauty soap Multi purpose liquid Infrastructure We have been a renowned industry and from the start have aimed at producing better products everyday. The success to our dynamic specialized team who put in all the effort to achieve a better quality. Our technical lab provides proper work facilities, to make the products of world class standards. The latest science techniques are utilized to formulate our products for effective use. Different blending machines are used for the betterment of our products.


Detergent Power
Detergent Power INR 0 INR 0 The detergent powder manufactured by us are available in different quantity and can be customized as per the needs of the retailers and wholesalers. These active agents are available in various fragrances and can be used for washing clothes in cold water also. True 1519283014
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Ward No. 6, Stadium Gate, , Janghai Road
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